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Bots online
Sitenize Gelen Botları Online Olarak Görebilirsiniz.
Bots online

Sitenize iren botları Online Kullanıcı Şeklinde görebilirsiniz bu eklenti sayesinde.

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*************** in English ***************

1. Purpose

The expanded plug-in adds to the list online of users names known search
robots (Google, Yahoo, MSN...)

2. Requirements

The plug-in was tested and successfully works under control of LDU v801.

3. Installation

3.1. Unpack archive of a plug-in in a folder plugins/extended/ your server with
already installed and to worker LDU.

3.2. In a browser enter the address of the LDU a site and under the manager [99]
come into [Administration] -> [Extended plug-ins] -> [Bots online]
press the link [install all].

3.3. Addition tags in a file skin.

The plug-in finishes names of boats to the list online of users.
If you skin already contains tag a conclusion of this list pass{miss} this

For display online of the list add in the necessary place of any tpl a file skin
tag {PHP.out.whosonline_reg_list}

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Bots online
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