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Kingsley (1978 - 2013) Ölmüş.
2013-03-17 11:05 GMT  Çoklu Alıntı

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Kingsley Kimdir diyenleriniz olucaktır..

Kingsley: LDU, Seditio, Cotonti geliştiricilerinden di hatırladıgım kadarıyla 2013-02-26 itibariyle ölüm haberi gelmiştir.

Orjinal Haber sayfaları:

Allah Ailesine ve sevdiklerine sabır versin.


It is with the deepest sadness and sorrow that we announce the death of our friend and member Leslie "Kingsley" Gonggryp.

His passing away has been a terrible and unexpected loss.

Kingsley and myself started a clan called =XE= X-EcutionerZ and we were running this clan for about 5 years. When Battlefield Bad Company 2 came out we decided to get a 24 slots server and started playing on it with the few members we then had. During the time of Battlefield Bad Company 2 we managed to recruit a lot of new members and we all had lot's of fun while playing this game. We had some epic nights on our teamspeak, game server and website.

The old =XE= members came with the idea to show there respects by paying/playing a small tribute to Kingsley on the |FAP| Battlefield 3 server at a time that is suitable to us.
Tuesday evening from 20:00 hours all old =XE= members are welcome on our server and the old =XE= clantag will be worn.

For this event the servername is changed to: =XE= X-EcutionerZ | R.I.P Kingsley [1978 - 2013] | U R missed!

Our heart goes now to his family, his friends and all who were close to him.
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