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Seditio 173 Html Version

Well: A month passed, much has been done, much more remains to be done.
We present — Seditio 173.

1) Comments and ratings
— Comments and ratings can be enabled or disabled for specific categories.
— Can be enabled or disabled commenting and rating change for individual pages.
— Pagination comments.
— Users can edit their comments, within a certain time (optional), after a comment creation..
— Sort comments: new top or bottom.

2) Pages
— Ability autovalidation page when it is created. (for users with administrative rights on section)
— In BBCode Mode — to choose the type of parsing when creating a page (for users with administrative rights on section)

3) Plug-ins
— In The news plugin comes pagination & filter by sub category.
— CKeditor updated to version 3.6.5
— CKeditor now able to define the interface language of the user's profile. (optional).
— CKeditor now works in the form of commenting on polls.
— Multihooks.
— Improved localization options plugins.
— Changed Textboxer2 panel buttons.
— Fixed a conflict preview page in the skin Artic
— In the Filter Jevix was added trusted CSS styles.
— Fixed a bug with the current loss of a directory for the call of the ob_start() callback function sed_outputfilters()

4) Administration
— Ability to override the default skin directly from the control panel.
— Correction of pagination in referrals.
— Minor changes connected with the rights.

5) Smilies
— Replaced Standard emoticons

6) Upgrade
— Write a generic SQL database upgrade script with all versions Seditio to 173 versions.

7) New
— Module RSS feeds: Export pages, comments, forum topics.
— Ability to use header.tpl tags {HEADER_MAINTITLE} and {HEADER_SUBTITLE}
Can be used as the old:
and new:
1.   Posted by Kaan   2012-11-15 00:10        

Html olarak içerik eklemeye izin veren version her hangi bir siteden kopyala yapıştır yapabilirsiniz.

Benim hazırladıgım versionda böyle bir şey yapamazsınız ama bunda izin verilmiş copy / paste yapmaya ben test etmedim sorun varmı yokmu bilmiyorum ruslar tarafından hazırlanmıştır.

2.   Posted by Cem Ceyhan   2012-11-14 19:39        

Kaan hocam HTML versiyon nedir ? Biraz açiklar misin ?

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Seditio 173 Html Version
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